What influenced you the most in the creation of this work?  Were there any particular people in your life, or any particular events that led you to create this particular story?

Why did you write this book?

How can people benefit from this work? What special services are performed by the existence of this work?

Why did you write this book? 

I already touched on one main reason for writing this book in my answer to the first question.  I received a rare gift of love from one remarkable person during my childhood - someone who had beat all odds and managed to emerge as a kind and loving person in spite of the most horrible circumstances.  I wanted to share her with others.  I wanted others to have a chance to get to know her very deeply.  I wanted them to have the experience of meeting someone at the soul level, as I did. 

But I also wrote this book to raise some important issues in my readers’ minds, to hopefully make them pause for a second and think about them in a fresh light. And to share my ideas and visions on those issues.  I wanted to show how our attitudes and behaviors have tremendous impacts on others, especially on young children.  I wanted show how destructive and damaging “class-oriented” attitudes can be.  I wanted to show how we can adopt a different way of looking at people, by discovering deeper dimensions within ourselves, by learning to see our own selves in others.  I wanted to show that a true strength belongs in the realm of mind, and a true victory in the realm of spirit.  I wanted to show that a true success in life is discovering who we really are at the deepest core and experiencing the true love.  Also, I wanted to show how difficulties and pains in life can actually be good things, blessings in disguise so to speak, in helping us to achieve that kind of success. 

I know that sounds strange and it’s hard to accept such a notion.  It took me long enough to admit it myself, but I can cite at least two almost universal characteristics that I see in people who have made good use of difficult experiences.  One is compassion and the other is depth of character.  Compassion for someone comes from your identification with him, from having had similar experiences yourself.  Likewise, we tend not to dig deeper into ourselves to find out who we really are, unless we are forced to.  There are a lot of people in this world who are scared to death to be left alone with just themselves even for a few minutes.  There are a lot of people who will do almost anything to avoid hard questions in life, to stop and examine their beliefs and ideas, to look inside themselves.  Often times, crises in our lives work as wake-up calls to make us look inward for the real source of strength.  So in that sense, I think that those of us who were born into difficult circumstances are brave souls.  Maybe we wanted to jump-start our lives early on.  Maybe we wanted to get those wake-up calls without wasting too much time. 

I also believe that difficult or unusual circumstances we were born into often hold a key, a clue, to our unique missions in life.  For example, people like myself who sort of belong to two different worlds are in fact the best candidates to break down the wall between the two.  So often, we tend to view that uniqueness of the double-identity as negative – as not belonging to anywhere.  But if you think about it, that is precisely the perfect position to be in, if your job is to be a bridge between the two separate worlds.  Seen in that light, your circumstances suddenly make sense.  The point I’m trying to make here is that there is a meaning in our special circumstances, in all our life events.  The event themselves are neutral.  They are neither inherently good nor bad.  We are the ones who make them into either positive or negative experiences.  Every circumstance is an opportunity for self-discovery and growth. 

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